Ogihara Bussan puts a united effort into creating and increasing added value, and contributes to the community through sales.

Aimed vision of Ogiwara Bussan

What is 3KM?
The company, the individual, and the family should be able to be satisfied.
The customer is touched in strongly advancing 3KM, and it makes it to the enterprise that is not the spare of the effort to the thing that all become happy.


  • Our main objective is the sale of products that meet our customers’ demand.
  • We are aware that each is responsible for making ceaseless effort to offer our customers the very best added value.
  • We are conscious that it is essential to combine on-site know-how with IT technology in order to boost sales and work efficiency,and we seek the most suitable combination of the B to B.
  • We believe that it is indispensable to expand and solidity our sales areas starting from Ryomo area where 50km north west part from Tokyo, so that we can cope with all kinds of industries including the global automobile and machine industries.
  • We also believe that, in order to offer sufficient added value, it is essentials for us to establish close and long-lasting relationships with our customers by giving them full satisfaction every time we are at their service.
  • We maintain our independence in the process of our growth and act on our own beliefs, but this does not deny the importance of cooperation with other companies.
  • We regard our staff with abundant experience and knowledge as the greatest asset to our company, and we consciously promote staff training and offer stable employment based on trust.
  • We are aware that we can extend our boundaries further and we have responsibility to continue to cope with the changing world,industry and technology flexibly.

Company Profile

Company Name Ogihara Bussan Co.,Ltd.
Established January 25, 1979
Capital 60,400,000yen
President Kaichiro Ogihara
Our Bakers Gunma Bank
I・O Shinkin Bank
Towa Bank
Mizuho Bank
Ashikaga Bank
Saitama Resona Bank etc.
Employee 70 persons
Head Office 767-1, Higashiyajimacho, Ota-shi, Gumma, 373-0816, Japan Map
TEL:0276-46-2171 / FAX:0276-46-3263
Second Office TEL:0276-46-2172 / FAX:0276-46-2193
Color Office TEL:0276-46-2168 / FAX:0276-46-2193
Chubu Office Miyanotsubo36, Osakicho, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi, 442-0007, Japan Map
TEL:0533-89-1070 / FAX:0533-89-1067
Hiroshima Office 23-3, Furue Higashimachi, Nishi-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 733-0872, Japan Map
TEL:082-275-5084 / FAX:082-275-5087
Mishima Office Azatonohara2619-2, Tokura, Shimizu-cho Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, 411-0917, Japan Map
TEL:090-3598-0168 / FAX:055-943-5195
China corporation Ogihara Automotive Equipment& Technology
山東省煙台市二馬路103号天鴻凱旋城3号楼3101室 Map
TEL:86-535-6621038 / FAX:86-535-6621078
Nishikino Mold Industry Ltd. 2077-2, Kawai, Tamamura-machi Sawa-gun, Gumma, 370-1117, Japan Map
TEL:0270-65-0608 / FAX:0270-65-7681