• Machine tool
  • Tool
    We are committed to contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness in die processing technology through introducing the most suitable cutting tool for each processing to our customers.
  • Steel material
    We receive drawings from our customer by fax or e-mail, and change them into NC data. Profiling melt cutting is more accurate than melt cutting based on traced drawings.
  • Article of cast metal / Pattern
    We deal in Pattern, cast metal, cast steel, Casting Dense Bar and various sorts of hooks. We deal in various shapes of inner parts and outer parts ranging from small articles to those that weight 30 tons.
  • Machining
    We process raw materials as designated and deliver them to our users. Users can simplify their order placement with us.
  • Die and Mold components
    Please ask me the delivery of die components which is much various parts. We deliver components from all over the world.
  • Original tool
    A good combination of cutting tools and machine tools and makes efficient machining possible. We deal in excellent machine tools with proper after sales service.
  • Gas spring
    Indeed, KALLER gas springs are used in automotive industries, electric industries, press die industries and plastic mold industries worldwide, and have the greatest share of gas spring industry in the world.