Original tool

The following are our original cutting tools devised out of abundant experience in die processing over the year. They can cope with heavy-cutting and high-speed cutting of various materials including raw and quenching materials, thus leading to cost reduction in die processing by reducing tool consumption cost or processing man-hour cost. Contact our staff for detailed technical information.

Original tools

Solid carbide ball end mill

This is a carbide solid ball end mill that embodies all the cutting know-how. The parent material for this tool is ultra fine-grain carbide selected carefully at die makers. Its AC coating makes high-speed and long lived processing possible. This tool can be applied widely and safely to raw materials or quenching materials.

Combination type end mill

The strong grip of its combination shank enables heavy-cutting. This tool is easy to mount and disassemble, and increase operation efficiency.

Solid carbide super high helix end mill

With its 60-degree twisted to reduce cutting resistance, this tool can do such operations as finishing cutting of raw materials or very hard materials efficiently and accurately.

Special porcupine cutter

This tool is indispensable in die processing. It has most elastic integrated structure. Its special blade system with three blades is most suitable for rough profile processing.

Mores taper shank end mill

The moles taper shank with field-proven accuracy and grip enables heavy-cutting.

A-1 Chuck

The highest degree of vibration accuracy has been achieved by its elasticity side lock and milling chuck.